Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi, This is a long awaited post and due to lack of time , I,m unable to make anything new. But first a little help is needed! I bought a marvy uchida heat embossing gun and after being on for a few seconds , smoke started coming out and it got turned off. Now its not working. My electrician said that there is power difference in Us standard so now it cannot be repaired! I,m thoroughly depressed. Please can you suggest which one is good for indian standard? Although, I tried embossing over a candle and it worked! but that needs a lot of care. So please help me out with this. Will be posting new work soon.


  1. hey Anita!!that day in the market I saw a heat gun tool in the local market fr like 400 bucks.which is really cheap.It was chinese I guess.Try yur lacal market I am sure u will find it.Well I dnt know if it wrks gr8 with heat embossing powder.As I have never tried heat embossing as f now.

  2. If only I'd know how to warn you...I did the same with my heat gun...straight away plugged it in and burnt the whole circuit. You can't do anything for this one, you'll need to buy another one, like I did and buy a step down converter, which will basically reduce the voltage from 220V which the Indian standard to 110V, on which every electronic item from the USA works...
    Sadly there is no other option for the gun that you have now..I had to throw away mine too!!

    i hope this helps.

  3. Hey Anita,
    So sorry to hear about this. I am another victim to this one. But fortunately a good frd took it to some old market in banaglore where some electrician did some make do shift and gave this huge voltage converter that i use it with. All other electricians had given up. I suggest u try and find some good electrician in local market and ask them to open it up and take a chance at mending it. Its better than buying a new one right away

  4. oh god!.. that really hurts! :(
    you can buy any heat gun and get a power converter for the tool to match the standards.. although local markets carry the tool.. they call it hot air gun.. also, itsy bitsy carries it now.. its for around 2000 bucks..

  5. oh so sad to hear about it..i know how bad u must be everyones saying try going to a few more electricians and c if there is any chance...i hope u can get it repaired soon...


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