Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello to all! Its been a long time that I,ve been away from blogland but that does not mean that I am away from crafting too! In fact, lots of cards and mini scrapbooks took up all the time. And I was also busy arranging my craft room which looks as if it has been hit by a tornado
EVERYTIME!!! I wish that one morning I open my eyes and find all my stuff arranged beautiful! WHAT A WISHFUL THINKING!!!!!LOLLL!!!!!
Lot of things to share with you. My this card made it to the top three at the COME AND GET IT CHALLENGE

I was requested by the INNERWHEEL CLUB of kolkata Mahanagar to give a demo of tray decoration on the 10th of August.

here are some pics of the demo.
They also allowed me to display my punch craft work.

Here is a peek into a cute lil mini album I made for a very dear friend of mine! I hope she likes it. Mini albums are a great way to use your stash and scraps and they are really fun and quick to make. I guess I,m getting addicted to them.

One sad news also! I broke my fiskars sunburst border punch and was in depression for full one day. And to top it my MS deco shells border punch has stopped punching! I guess its sharpness has gone. Can anyone suggest how to rectify it?
So that was a long post!! Thanks for being with me !!!!


  1. finally a post !! thnxx u wr being missed a lot !! lovely card,lovely album & lucky friend !!

  2. All looks fabulous,nice to see u back:)

  3. какая красота! Потрясающие работы!

  4. HEY Congrats on your win!!Sorry to hear about your punch.Even i Broke my 1 month old doily lace MS punch last week.And don't worry its the weather who's the culprit for all this.Basically due to the humid weather the punches are not working properly as the papers are a bit moist.Let this weather pass and I am sure all punches will be fine.So till then I guess we should avoid punching.

  5. you are just amazing your work ... congrats :)

  6. Congrats on your win...and your mini album is amazing..and Keep all your punches in air tight boxes..and use them once monsoon in india is over and do some oiling..i hope it helps.

  7. Sorry!!!I missed out to metion about your Mini,Its FAB.

  8. This is just fabulous.

    Thank you for joining us at Craft Us Crazy.

  9. your mini albums are always beautiful and amazing.

  10. hey Anita, congrats for the top 3 at the challenge and the tray luks amazing... sorry abt the MS punch:(

    for the punch which's stopped working... take a foil paper(the usual one we use to wrap food) and punch on it a couple of times... the punch will be back with its sharpness in no time:))

    lemme knw, if it worked for u...


  11. Congratulations Anita for you exhibition... We all are proud of you..
    The mini is so good... Thanks for sharing and playing with us at Crafty JC challenge!
    GOod luck!


  12. congrats on ur win !

  13. wow wonderful mini album :)
    Thanks for playing at CraftyJC Challenge :)

    And BIG congrats on ur win :)

  14. Such pretty and detailed mini albums!! I can see how this would be a great way to use some of those "forgotten" items!! Thank you so much for joining us at Stampin' Sisters in Christ this week!!

  15. Your projects are fabulous!

    I usually use aluminium foil to sharpen my punches and it works a treat :) A friend of mine also suggested to pop it into the freezer for a few minutes (not so long that it freezes!) Just long enough so the metal contracts a little. Apparently that works really well, but I've never tried it myself :)

  16. Wow...very pretty puncg craft card and fab Mini !! Congrats on ur win too !

  17. WOW!.. congratulations for all the achievements! :D
    The mini is soo fabbie!..
    Aww.. sorry to hear about the punch.. its really sad when something like this happens.. :(
    Try punching out foil sheets with the deco shells punch.. good luck.. :)

  18. Congrats on your winnings..your mini album is awesome..

  19. try punching aluminum foil (the regular oven one) to get the sharpness back. it works like a charm.
    My smallest daisy punch broke too... i have tied tons of thread around it to hold it together as there is no way i can get a new one right now.
    I love that flower card and i think you did an incredible job at the mini album. It looks gorgeous and so pretty.

  20. Dear Anita here to see your creation as DT of crafty JC. Such a lovely creation. I think I missed it during my holidays. So sad about your punches !
    I think the limit is 6 challenges including crafty Jc. I counted 8 here
    Anyway such a fabulous creation
    Thank You for playing along at crafty JC!


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