Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Hello everyone.

This is Anita here and I have a something wonderful lined up for you in the entire month of September....new product, techniques and lot of information.
We are talking about DECOUPAGE----yes!!!!! I am sure you all must be very excited as much as I am because I am going share some super awesome products with you, which will give a new meaning to the art of Decoupage.

What exactly is decoupage??
In very simple term, it is the art of adhering paper on to various surfaces like, wood, glass, metal ,plastic etc. with glue and then applying coats of varnish and lacquer on top to seal the desin and make it water proof and dust proof.
Plaid Craft has brought a whole new revolution to the art of Decoupage with their chalk paints, acrylic paints, the most popular Mod Podge, crackle medium, varnish and also many tools and accessories to help us in this art.
I am so happy to tell you that Crafters Corner has all and  YES !!!!! ALL the products that you can use for decoupage right there for you.
And its my promise to you that once you use chalk colours you will not touch any other paint when it comes to Decoupage. WHY ??? You will soon know!!!!

What is Home Decor chalk paint???

It is a high pigment acrylic paint with ultra matte finish used for various surfaces like wood, metal, glass etc. if this paint is used, then the surface requires on  preparation of primaring or sanding. thus saving a lot of time and labour. You can directly use it. It is for indoor use and is not dishwasher safe. However the application of Home Decor wax or varnish can make it suitable for outside.


How much coverage do we get from one bottle??

One bottle of chalk paint has 8 fl.oz that covers 20 feet of surface year and so it proves to be very economical.This however, depends upon the thickness of paint and its application.

Is it same as chalk board paint or diffferent?

Picture from Google.

 No both are different. Chalkboard paints will cover the surface to give a chalk board finish where one can write with a stick of chalk, Whereas, chalk paints are acrylic paints used for covering or restoring surfaces.

Are they different from Folkart Acrylic paints???

Yes , they are two different products. Although both are acrylic paint, Folk Art acrylic paint has a sheen to it ie it gives a glossy coat but chalk paint gives Ultra Smooth Matte finish. In my video, I show you the difference.

So now that we know so much about chalk paints, let us start using them. I am showing you how to make beautiful vintage placemat with decoupage through a video tutorial. I have explained  and talked about the products and techniques in detail but then also, if you do not understand any where or have any question, please feel free to ask me.

A video tutorial.


Vintage style place mat

Products used


So do let us know if you liked this tutorial. You can view all the decoupage materials HERE
Please do leave your comments and feedback as they help us to grow towards our betterment. Thanks for your time. Hope to see you soon with another tutorial on the art of Decoupage.

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