Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi, my mojo is down these days and I,ve been trying to recharge it. Lets hope that I come up with more new work next week.

For let me share two good news with you. My card made it to the top 3 in the CRAFT challenge and a winner in the Pixie Dust Studio ch- valentine. This is really great for me.

Now for the OUTLAWZ PARTY. These two CAS card are exclusively for the outlawz challenge. Nothing much fancy about them. But I still find CAS cards difficult to make! This is the inspiration we had to follow as the theme of the party is wild west.

And lastly, check out these quilling projects done by my student. Its very sweet of her to allow me to post these on my blog. One is the top view of a frog pond. And the other is a nameplate of her surname done with quilling and paper braiding.Pls email me if you want to know the details.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. nice card!!loved the quilled pond.

  2. soo beautifully done the cas really pretty one. ur student is just mind blowing, wow.

  3. beautiful cards!! wow .. how is that braiding and the flower in the second card made?if any tutorials, pls email me

  4. wow,love the pond and cards are good:)

  5. OMG Anita, these cards are gorgeous!Congrats on winning those challenges, u absolutely deserve it!
    PS: love ur students' creations....they're as talented as u.

  6. Aunty thank you soo much for putting up my work on your blog... indeed an honour and privileged to hear such nice comments for them... sooo thank you soo much once again...

  7. wow! first of all congrats on winning those challenges! your mojo will find its way back soon..I love how beautiful the quilling pond looks! simply stunning..Well done Khushboo!


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