Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hi Girls! Finally I,ve managed to post a tutorial on punch craft Roses. All of you have been waiting for this and I hope this helps cos, I,m bad at taking Pics. So in the process if you do not understand anything, kindly drop me a mail so that I can assist you.

1. Things Required: A foam pad/soft leather pad, punches-punch bunch-scalloped heart(medium), birch leaf and daisy, fevicol, silicon glue, tweezer, craft paper, toothpick, embossing tool. pink ink pad and some sponge.(I hope I,ve covered all)

2. Punch out 8+5+3+1 hearts from the white paper and 6 leaves with the birch leaf and 1 daisy from the green paper.

3. Using the sponge, colour the hearts giving it a shaded effect. You can use a single colour also.
4.Then with the toothpick roll the scalloped part on the right to the outside opposite to the shaded side. repeat with the other side. then place the heart shaded side up and with embossing tool make a mark from the middle to the pointed tip at the bottom. Repeat with all the hearts.

5.Except the last 1 heart. Roll it around the toothpick as shown to make the centre. cut a small part from the bottom.
6. Then place the daisy on the pad and give a soft cup shape. Pick one heart with the tweezer and dip the bottom in glue and paste it on one petal of daisy. Continue till you use the 8 hearts.
7. Now cut the bottom of the remaining hearts.

8. Cup your palm and hold the rose in it. Then pick the center and dip the end in silicon glue and put in the center of the flower. Silicon glue helps the petals to remain straight but you have to be quick as it dries very fast.
9. Then pick each heart and dip in silicon and continue to build layers around the center offsetting the petals . Cup the rose a little to hold the petals together. Your flower is ready.

10. Now using the stick, make veins on the leaves and twitch it a little to give a little character to the leaves. Cut a thin strip and attach the leaves as shown.

11. Attach the rose in the center of the leaves.

And Now I used this rose on this card.

If you really like my tutorial then I ask you to enter this challenge.

Make a card using the rose you make with the help of this tutorial and mail me the picture.
You have 10 days to do so and I will choose the best out of the lot.
The winner will get a pack of assorted coloured punch crafted flowers and leaves from me.
so I,m waiting for you all to get started.
The last date is 14th March.

I,m entering this card for the following challenges:

So enjoy your weekend with punch crafting!!!


  1. OMG this is stunning!The tutorial totally rocks!!Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

  2. wow.. great work and tutorial

  3. Anita, this is the best rose tutorial!! it will be of great help!

  4. What a beautiful tutorial! Those roses are fabulous! Great job! Thank you for playing along with the Desert Islands Crafters Challenge.

  5. Loved your tutorial, your rose is stunning! I definitely plan to try one, but probably not in time for your challenge. Thanks for joining the 'flower' challenge at Lexi's Creation this week.

  6. OOOOO I AM LOVIN IN>>>Thanx a lot girl...have been so waiting for it since long.I will surely participate in your challenge.

  7. wow,lovely roses.Will definitely participate

  8. Oh my God!! This is fabulous..even though I have the tutorial in front of me, I know I can never come anywhere near you in talent!! What if I don't own any punch bunch..any normal heart shape will do?
    I'm do dying to give this a go!!

  9. Beautiful roses! Interesting tutorial!

  10. hey anita...thanks a ton for this buddy...will try to get the punches inorder to enter this challenge...

  11. Thanks a bunch!! beautiful rose!! And yippee! I do have the scalloped heart punch :) I'll try it (fingers crossed).

    Though I learnt miniature punchcraft a few years ago, I never make those flowers now! You are inspiring me to try again :)


  12. o yeaaah u made some roses, wow so beautiful dear, and with tutorial, grt, really love this rose.Keep posting.And the card is lovely with that roses.

  13. wow that flower is stunning as is your card. Thanks for joining us at The Creative Cottage, Tracy x

  14. Its so pretty. Thanks for the tutorial.


  15. Hi, have been following ur blog for quite a while and found it too inspiring...ur punch craft creations are superb..thnx for a great tutorial..I hope to make somethng for this challenge on time :)

  16. omg !
    it is so so so bful !
    wat a fun way to learn
    i m going to try this out after my papers !

  17. What an amazing tutorial!! TFS :) Thanks for playing along with us over at Desert Island Crafters!!

  18. wow i so like this tutorial and i want to partcipate too.

  19. Wonderful tutorial! I can't wait to try this myself!
    btw...chick was hungry. I fed him. hope you don't mind.

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  21. So lovely. Thank you so much for making a tutorial to share with your fellow crafters

  22. The most beautiful one of handmade rose I´ve ever seen!!!

    Thank you for sharing, dear. Hugs from Brazil.

  23. I have made a flower inspired by your tutorial.Do check it out.

  24. Thanks for the lovely tutorial


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