Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1st June

Hi, June is the month of new beginnings. It is my anniversary month on the blog and GOD!!!!! I,ve learnt so much in this one year.
First and foremost, I will take a little time to thank all those lovely friends out there who helped me with all the blogging lessons(GOD!!! I WOULD RING THEM UP EVERY NOW AND THEN!!!)
SHALINI MASKARA(Taught me how to link to challenges), SPARDHA, RACHANA(crazyaboutatcs introduced me to the blogging world) AND KAVITHA.
These wonderful people never got tired of my questions!!! HEY GIRLS !!!! THANKS A TON!!!
SO now let the fun begin! As promised, this month, I will bring you loads of games, tutorials, challenges and other SURPRISES!!!! So keep a watch here everyday!!!!
To be eligible for any part of this monthly plan, you HAVE to leave a comment on every post. WHO KNOWS I MIGHT PICK UP A RANDO
If you have been following me, then you can answer this fast!!!.
In the comments, answer at least 10 things about me. (THEY SHOULD NOT BE COMMON ONES THAT I LOVE CRAFTING!!LOL!!) The more the better. NOW you just have tomorrow that is 1st June to do this. This will be invalid on 2nd june. I will choose the best commment which has the nearest answers. (HINT:::YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE POSTS)
SO getting going!! I,m desperate to know how well my friends know me. And if you are unable to post comments then , you can mail me also.


  1. wow,i am the first to comment.Thanks anita to mention our names,as i say all the time blogging is all about helping each other n grow together:)and ur celebrations sound super exciting,now i am looking forward to win something:)))))So here are the 10 things i knw abt u: love are crazy to the core abt imp.craft stuffs.3.u have a superb garden in your terrace.4.You are crazy abt stmps n heat embossing have a dream of havng your own love to learn parchment craft this wish to buy copics:).8.You truly value friends and help them out maximum.9.You love dogs.10.You love singing.

  2. I do not know you at all though I am a follower.But I will try love craft tools from all over the world.2.You are crazy about paper .3.You have two kids.4, You live in kolkatta.5. You are a marwari.6.You are a friendly person.I could make out from the way you spoke to me.

  3. Hello Aunty,
    As far as i noe u..the list includes...
    1. U have lovely papers.
    2. U make beautiful cards.
    3. U love baking.
    4. U are a good homemaker.
    5. U help beginners like me to the fullest.
    6. U love posting watever u hve made.
    7. U put in ur best in all u make.
    8. U r very Talented.
    9. U r very very caring and responsible. I rem whn i dnt have a heat gun, r the stamps u helpd me so much in mkng the rite decision..thank u so much 4 i am njng dng the embossng.
    10. U love learng abt new thngs..

    n last bt nt the least u r one of the best mentor i had...wish u all the best for all ur future u..

  4. n ya ur latest buy "silhouette sd" u love wrkng with....

  5. omg ! this is good one!
    i know you since 3 months i guess...
    1> it was silhouette talks which bot us together
    2> you want ur work to be as good as your mother
    3>You live in kolkata
    4>You have a joint family
    5> You love to buy crafty goodies .. as much as u can
    6>You love experimenting
    7>you can go crazy for craft supplies .. evidence your hunt in bangkok .. you went alone to buy all
    8> You love ur entire family a lot .. eveidence your foreign trip had got something for each family member
    9> you wish to be the best quiller in the world
    10 > last..but not the least .. you are super hard working ..if you make something .. you put your heart in it !!

  6. but yes .. kavitha di .. knoes you inside out !

  7. Here's what I know now about you :)

    1) You recently sorted out your clear stamps in a photo album and are now longing for some wooden mounted stamps
    2) You are just back from a long vacation to Singapore and Bangkok
    3) You have 2 children - Aditya an Anjali.. Anjali is very talented like her mom and has won first prize at the flower arrangement competition held at the Annual flower show at Agri Hoticultural Garden, kolkata.. Aditya is a cute 3 year old boy who loves animals..
    4) Your husband loves gardening and you have a lovely terrace garden
    5) Your and your hubby's birthday is just 2 days apart :)
    6) You were born on February 10 - Saraswati Puja day. No have Maa Sarawaswati's blessings :)
    7) You love baking and make cupcakes and chocolate tarts too
    8) You love watching cookery shows
    9) You love watching salman khan dance
    10) Phrases that you use a lot - ARE YOU CRAZY!, DON'T BE SILLY!, OH! MY GOD! and DO YOU KNOW?
    11) you would like to visit following places -USA,SWITZERLAND,HAWAIIN ISLANDS and MANSAROVER
    12) - The first time that I won a challenge was with the "White Christmas card"
    13) You had bought a marvy uchida heat embossing gun but it got burnt in few minutes :(
    14) You have won a Candy from Rachana
    15) You love Yvvone's challenges because you get to learn a lot there..
    16) You have made your OWN MISTING SPRAY.. WOW...can we have a tutorial on this?
    17) Karen's stamping tutorial got you addicted to stamping.
    18) You own a pretty pink colour Cuttlebug
    19) You started this blog after your old blog craftingforever was hacked :(
    20) You conduct craft classes in Kolkata..and Khushboo Rathi is one of your to know this 2 days back when I chatted with Khushboo :)

  8. Piyu... I love the last one... ;-)

  9. well..meri aapse bhut baat nhi hui h..infact na k barabar hui h...but what i know about is :
    1)your acct was hacked last yr. which made u really upset :(
    2)u start embossing recently.
    3)u live in kolkatta.
    4)u r very close to ur mom.
    5)u love making handmade flowers
    6)u love experimenting(u made ur own version of step card)
    7)u recently visited singapour and had lots of craft shopping from there :)
    8)u are guest designer for ICR this month :D
    9)u take craft classes
    10)u have a lovely garden on ur terrace wow...


  11. congrats on the anniversary celebrations Anita... and buddy its been great knowing you... though its been pretty long since we did those telephonic chats but its been an enriching experience knowing you... and a super idea to list down 10 things about you...

    1. you are based in kolkatta
    2. you have an adorable daughter and a son
    3. you were born on the 10th of Feb, 1970
    4. your anniversary(wedding not blogging :D) is on the 26th of April
    5. you passed out of Loreto in 1991
    6. you do beautiful punch crafts
    7. you love baking and make delicious cup cakes
    8. your last most wanted craft supply was a silhouette which you bought recently:)
    9. the last vacation you took was to Singapore and Bangkok
    10. you have a garden filled with gorgeously beautiful flowers at yr terrace at home
    11. you conduct craft classes in kolkatta
    12. you loved watching master chef india
    13. you make the most detailed cards i have ever ever seen.. the proof are your step card and your animal kingdom card which i still havent been able to get over!!!
    14. you are one person i know who is super super enthusiastic about taking part in challenges!!!

    well, i think i could go on and on... :))

    all the very best to you and wishing you many more milestones of success!!!


  12. This is all so very interesting. You are a great gal Anita with so many friends!How well they know you!Even your hubby may not be knowing so much about your crafting side!


  14. Well ok.. here goes nothing...

    1) Your a dog lover and you love cuddling them
    2) your a great cook and you look baing
    3) your dream is top open your craft school someday
    4) Your very close to your mum
    6)You loving shopping for craft supplies
    7)you love eating out.
    8) your train for singing
    9)You believe that the process of learning never stops.. A person must continuously reinvent himself/herself
    10)You hate cleaning up messes

    Well I could add more but you asked just 10 things

    p>S : I'll add though your the most fantastic teacher one could ask for.. you the patience of an ox to handle all of us.. Kudos to love.. and you do know I love your work.. :-)

  15. hey anita...
    some of things that I'm gonna mention about you would be repetitive but these are the best ones about you... so wanna keep them on my list...
    1. You do the most awesome superb punch craft in the world... Ur flowers are just amazing.. So real.....
    2. You are an excellent Teacher... V have Khush to vouch for that... ( I really envy Khush yaar)...
    3. Your daughter Anjali is completely following your footsteps... (The floral arrangement made by her is toooooo good... I can't do it at this age)
    4. you are grt at baking tooooo... The gooey choco cupcakes with butter cream filling and the cute butterflies are amazing... Wish I could get a bite...
    5. You love collecting Crafting Items and don't want to use any of the gorgeous stuff you receive as Candy.
    6. Your Terrance Garden is so colourful with a beautiful array of flowers..
    7. You own a Cuttle bug in the most girlie colour PINK and u love it... (Someday I will have one too - Same colour)
    8. You get customised stamps made.. and I am waiting for 15th June to place my order... because I just off shot my budget in May buying crafting stuff... hehe...
    9. You collect all types of boxes.. Biscuit, toothpaste, cookie, etc.. so that u can use them as templates....
    10. You are an Animal lover. You have a Dog, Birds and Fish at ur place.. And ur Animal Kingdom card is just tooooo superb...

    These are some of the things I have learnt about you in this short span of 2 months.... sure wanna get to know more...

  16. hey thanks jovi. thats very sweet of you!!!


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