Friday, November 10, 2017


Hello to all !!!!

I have a secret garden,

Where I can laugh and play.
I have a secret garden,

Often it's there I stay.

This is Anita here and I am here to amaze you !!!!!
Good Morning!!!!! I hope you all are now swayed by the huge wave of Dress My Craft new products. I am really amazed every morning when I see such beautiful products added and yes !!! YOU CANNOT RESIST THEM!!!!
Be it a kitchen, baby's room, living room, backyard, craft room, garden and what not!!!! YOU imagine and DMC will give life to your imagination!!!!  Check the entire range HERE!!!!

So let me start the day with walk around my garden. Who doesn't love a blooming garden with flowers and chirping birds??
Here is my garden all open for you. I have beautiful roses, Gyophilas flowers, rose vines and all the paraphanelia that comes in the garden.

I have created a shadow box with a simple sturdy chipboard...Video will follow soon!!
I covered the box with pattern paper and texturised it with modelling paste and sand paste.
This is very easy and takes only little time.
Then comes the fun part of decorating the garden. The sky is the limit!!!! You can go on and on till you have no more space LOL!!!!

So feast your eyes or take a stroll down into my garden!!!! Remember no plucking flowers!!!!
You can ride on the bicycle or rest under the large window . But whatever you do!!!!! Enjoy nature and its beauty in my garden !!!


So are you in a daze!!!! Isn't my garden pretty !!!!! Did you enjoy being here??? Do let me know !!!! And you want to make one for your own!!!! No worries!!!
Here is the list of supplies that will help you but beyond this, there is much more !!! So go ahead and make a pretty garden for yourself.

Products list

Miniature Anywhere Window
Border Printed Bowls
Twisted Rose buds -Ivory
Wild Rose -Pretty Peach
Gysophila Flower
Micro Mini Roses-peach
Rose Buds
Natural Preserved Moss
Dark Moss Paint-FolkArt
Apple Green -Preserved
Rice Thread Pollen
round Thread Pollen brown
Popcorn Fillers
Micro mini thread pollens
Dark Chocolate paint
Bicycle charm
Chip board
Modelling paste
Tacky glue
24 mm tacky tape

From stash-lantern charm, burlap, leaves, filler flowers , glue gun, stencil, art stones.

So all you do now is visit the store and shop to your heart's content. Do scroll down to see other DT work like backyard, craft room, living room... you will love them !!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day!! Happy Crafting.

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