Thursday, May 10, 2018

Inspirational projects From Dress My Craft

Hello to all !!!!

This is Anita Kejriwal here with loads of crafting ideas for you to boost your creative juices and your dying mojo.
The projects today, highlight many fabulous projects from Dress My Craft store and believe me !!! they are so awesome , you will keep asking for more.

I really vouch for the Pattern papers available in the store for many reasons

--Excellent Finish
--Super thickness
--Nice smooth matt finish
--Sturdy and durable

These papers when coordinated with the matching motif sheets gives sheer beautiful projects that are not only quick to make but also very pocket friendly.

Another super product that is my favourite is the DRY GREEN MOSS POWDER.
This powder is so versatile that one can use it for a 3D shadow box like I have used it here
But today, I have used the Dry green moss powder on cards to give a dark velvety background for my flowers. This way, the flowers look more prominent and the background gives a very beautiful shabby look.

So without much talking, let me take you to each project.

 See the moss green powder in the background to give a velvety grass like effect. I have used DMC stencils to give a texture to my background.

                               Dry Moss powder under the flowers helps them to look more vibrant.

                         Beautiful Envelopes with the Pattern papers, motif sheets and micro pearls

                                       Extra jazz added to the elegant envelope by adding a crystal flower

List of Supplies from Dress My Craft Store

Teenie Weenies Bundle
Dots n stripes motif sheets
Floral oriental paper for card base
Dry Green Moss Powder
Mini Micro Pearl beads
7mm pointed styrofoam bud
Green leaves
Twisted Rose Buds
Daisy Flower blue
Mulberry Lily
Curved Roses 35mm
Rainbow glitter chunks
Microfine Glitter powder
Flowers Lane stencil
Swirls Stencils
small 3D fairy flower

So no going anywhere else when you need everything for your projects, all here at Dress My Craft
So get going and indulge into some creative craft time with Dress My Craft.

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