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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hi Friends!
Another hectic week is coming to an end and suddenly I realised that on 2nd June, I will complete one year of my entry into the blog world! And what a year it has been! What with my mail and blog hacked and then a second attempt to redo all!!! Believe me! I still remember that day when I could not open my dashboard and my mail. But then, help and guidiance from several blogger friends brought me right on the track.
So, to celebrate my blogoversary, I have a plan in my mind. This whole month there will be some raks, a challenge, craft quiz and lastly a mega candy!!!!! I,ve will post all these randomly but the winner will be announced only on the 2nd july. So you all have to keep a track of all my posts.
Sounds like FUN!!! Isn't it? The first post for all this fun will start from 1st June.
And now the rules!!! Hey, there are no rules!! I want it to be a fun filled event.All I want is that you keep an eye on all my posts cos, every post will have something to look out for.
So get going friends!!! JUNE is the month you look out for.