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Monday, April 30, 2018

Catherine Pooler Inks----Projects and a Review

This is Anita here and welcome all to the Crafters Corner blog.

Another wonderful creative month has gone by and the full month has been creatively active with a range of beautiful projects from the design team.
I close this month with my long awaited post  on Catherine Pooler Inks.
These were brought in the store a couple of months back and have got fantastic response from crafters all over India.
CP inks are a delight for all stampers and their unique feature will make them your favourite too.
So let me go in more details about these inks.
Catherine Pooler Designs Inks are premium dye inks. This dye is non-permanent.

What is great about these inks and why you should have them .
Color coordination will be a snap!  The first collection, the Party Collection is made up of all vibrant, saturated colors that will go together perfectly.  No more guessing which color goes with which!
No more splotchy images!  Two or three gentle LOVE TAPS are all you need to get full coverage on your stamp which transfers beautifully to your cardstock.
No more muddy, dirty stamped images when residue from a dark ink gets picked up by a light color!  

Salient Features of CP Inks
1. The ink pads are wonderfully saturated and so will last for a longer period of time and are hence good value for money. 
2. The ink pad has a foam pad instead of a felt pd and so just a gentle tab is enough to load your stamp with colour thus saving a lot of wastage of ink.
3. The inks have both vibrant and soft shades making it easier to choose and combine colours.
4. It gives a crisp and non splotchy image .
5. The CP inks are slow drying so can be used for heat embossing too.
6. These inks are water friendly and so can give beautiful results with water colour.
7. Perfect for distressing, the CP ink colours blend uniformly well with  each other.

There are two types of collection available right now.

The Spa collection--These shades are more subtle in tone.

The Party Collection--These are vibrant colors.

The Midnight ink is permanent and archival and also water resistant. This is also copic friendly and will no bleed while colouring with copic markers or even water based markers.

CP inks in comparison with other inks

See this video here to clear all doubts

Now let us see some projects made with CP inks.

You can shop for Catherine Pooler Ink pads here.

So do try these inks and believe me!!! you will be too happy to have them.
Stay tuned with Crafters Corner for a huge range of amazing craft supplies all under one roof. Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting !!!!